Responsible Service

When The Pour Guys are hired to work an event, we are responsible to control the alcohol and ensure that the guests are served safely and are drinking responsibly. Only adults, age 21 or older, with proper I.D. will be served alcoholic beverages. Our bartenders are ABC certified and are well-versed in the signs of intoxication.

Please make special note of the following:

  • Our bartenders cannot allow guests to self-serve alcoholic beverages, and we cannot leave any alcohol unattended.
  • If a guest has been drinking before an event and are exhibiting signs of being intoxicated, our bartenders reserve the right to refuse to serve them.
  • Individuals will be “cut off,” or refused to be served an alcoholic beverage if they appear to be intoxicated or if they are getting alcoholic beverages for minors or individuals who have already been cut off.
  • If a manager or owner of any facility requests that a guest be cut off or the bar shut down completely, our bartenders must comply with that request.
  • Our bartenders reserve the right to close the bar completely if, in their professional judgment, the overall safety and well-being of the guests is in question.

Shot Policy

In keeping with our obligation to serve responsibly, we generally do not pour shots or shooters. Occasionally, we may pour one celebratory shot for a bride and groom and the wedding party only; however, few exceptions are made. Shots and/or shooters served from an open bar can get out of control quickly, so as a general rule we do not pour them.

“Cutting Off” Individuals

In the event a guest is cut off, bartenders will:

  1. Refuse the request for alcohol, and offer the guest a non-alcoholic beverage instead.
  2. Notify the facility manager and/or any security officer present.
  3. Notify the host/client and inquire as to the individual’s means of transportation after the event.
  4. Offer to call a taxi for the guest.
  5. Call the police as a last resort.

Last Call

The bar must be closed down at least 30 minutes prior to the end of the music or end time of an event. Last Call will occur 5-10 minutes before the bar in closed to give the guests an opportunity to get one last drink. Only one drink will be served per person.


Payment is due at the end of each event unless other arrangements have been made with The Pour Guys event planner prior to the event.  We can only accept cash or a check made out to “The Pour Guys”. We cannot accept credit cards.  We bill for the staff’s actual hours worked, including setup and breakdown time, rounded to the nearest quarter-hour.  At the end of each event, an invoice will be presented to the host and the charges will be explained. Tips may be given directly to the bartenders in cash, or may be included on the check.